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Shelley Tweedy


Accounting has been a major part of my life and after
a short stint working for an accountant, I headed off
to Massey University to gain my accounting degree,
before going on my big OE in the UK.

Upon my return to New Zealand, I settled back into
life in Cambridge with my husband. We raised our
son here and he is now off on his own travels. As
empty nesters we are enjoying the next chapter of
our lives.

I have worked in both private practice and
commercial environments in New Zealand and the

Time met opportunity in 2008 to buy an existing
practice in Cambridge which is where I have focused
my time and attention for more than 15 years, growing
the practice to where it is today.

My goal has been to have a business that helps
others. My clients are the central part of business
and I pride myself on that fact that our clients are
not just a number on a page. The quality of our work
is also an essential part of our business, meaning
that attention to detail is very important to me. I am
a problem solver, an innovator and pride myself on
providing solutions for our clients.


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