WE HAVE MOVED. You can find us at 3/47 Wilson Street, Cambridge.

P: (07) 827 6102

We know that people are at the heart of every business

That's why we take the time to get to know you.

We are Cambridge based Chartered Accountants who love to spend time with our clients, to find out who they are, how they operate and what drives them to do the things that they do.

We work with you to increase profitability, make your systems work better for you, get better insights out of your data, or to simply keep you tax compliant.

At Shelley Tweedy and Associates, we live our values.

We take the fear out of accounting. We play by the rules and we do our utmost to deliver superior accounting service to our clients.

We are proud to be Chartered Accountants working with some of the best partners

Shelley Tweedy & Associates have been offering high quality accounting services for over a decade.

We have a strong team of highly experienced accounting professionals with real experience in business. We would love to assist you with your accounting needs.

We are proud to be local Cambridge Accountants.

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Don’t burn out this winter!

It’s tough going for business owners this winter. Illness is rampaging through the community – it’s hitting staff, suppliers, clients and schools, creating disruption throughout the economy.Read more

Weighing up a big investment in your business

Are you considering investing in a new way to make your business more productive or streamlined? With a tight labour market, everyone’s time is at a premium – so finding ways to maximiseRead more

How will it impact you if house prices drop by 15%?

New Zealand’s housing market decline has started to show in the numbers, with average values down across most of the country for three months in a row. Westpac economists have predicted houseRead more

Does New Zealand really have no capital gains tax?

Some people say that New Zealand should have a capital gains tax. Other people say that we already tax capital gains, so it wouldn’t make any difference. So do we have a CGT or not? No, but… WeRead more

Business tips: Budgeting and managing cashflow

If you want to stabilise your finances and grow the business, working to strict budgets becomes a necessity. Managing the cashflow twists and turns of a project can be hard work. But it’s easier toRead more

Have you updated your payroll systems and processes for the new minimum wage?

Have you updated your payroll systems and processes for the new minimum wage? When there are added stressors on cashflow, it can help to rethink your costs. Read more

Reminder: Terminal Tax is due on 7th April

The end of the tax year is around the corner, so this is a quick reminder that your terminal tax payment is due on 7 April. If cashflow is a problem and you’re not confident in your ability to makeRead more

Bad debts and tax

When you’re tidying up your documentation for end of tax year, don’t forget to review your debtors. If you are able to write off bad debts, you may be able to claim a tax deduction. It’s importRead more

High inflation: What does it mean for your business?

High inflation is hitting businesses and households hard in 2022. Across the world, inflation is running high, thanks to factors like pandemic disruptions, monetary stimulus and supply-chain issues.Read more

New financial support for businesses affected by Omicron

The Government has announced new financial support for businesses and organisations affected by the Omicron outbreak. New targeted COVID-19 Support Payment for the most affected businesses. ApplicatiRead more

Time is money: make the most of 2022

Are you familiar with the ancient Japanese philosophy of ‘Kaizen’? Kaizen is the principle of continuous improvement that can make a huge difference to the efficiency of any company and is savingRead more

Six Financial Myths Busted

Those long-held beliefs holding you back from financial freedom need to be dispelled. Take a closer look at budgeting and money management.Read more

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