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We are Cambridge Accountants who love to spend time with our clients, to find out who they are, how they operate and what drives them to do the things that they do.

We work with you to increase profitability, make your systems work better for you, get better insights out of your data, or to simply keep you tax compliant.

At Shelley Tweedy and Associates, we live our values.

We take the fear out of accounting. We play by the rules and we do our utmost to deliver superior accounting service to our clients.

We are proud to be Chartered Accountants working with some of the best partners

Shelley Tweedy & Associates have been offering high quality accounting services for over a decade.

We have a strong team of highly experienced accounting professionals with real experience in business. We would love to assist you with your accounting needs.

We are proud to be local Cambridge Accountants.

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IRD Focus - Resurgence Support Payments

From the last week in January 2022 Inland Revenue will begin undertaking post payment eligibility reviews of customers who received a Resurgence Support Payment (RSP) from August 2021. They areRead more

Happy New Year!

It’s probably been a while since you made New Year’s resolutions. For many businesses, the challenges of the last couple of years have been enough to keep us busy, so we are not in a hurry to addRead more

Fresh ways to find summer staff

Having trouble hiring extra staff for the summer? If you’ve tried Seek, Careers, and Trademe with no luck, maybe it’s time to think creatively. And remember, while our unemployment rate is low,Read more

Have you got a strategy for a financially stress-free holiday period?

Christmas holiday breaks are a chance to recharge for the year ahead especially after the year we have had. We look forward to warmer weather and finally setting up an out-of-office email for theRead more

Giving gifts to clients (think about the tax)

The season of giving is on us. While the fun part is thinking about parties and presents, take a moment to remind yourself about the tax rules. If your Christmas giving includes gifts to clients,Read more

Working from home expenses, reimbursements, and tax

Employees increasingly work from home, whether part- or full-time, or during lockdowns. It’s raised questions about how to reimburse employees for associated costs and whether businesses can claimRead more

How’s your work-life balance?

It’s great to be the boss – you can work any hours you like, right? Unfortunately, for many business owners, that means long hours, plenty of stress, and very few breaks and holidays. A surveyRead more

Finders keepers: attract the best team and keep them keen

The unemployment rate is down to 4% and for some industries like hospitality and horticulture, the labour shortage is crippling. For others, like the construction sector, COVID-19 has drawn aRead more

Rental Tax Changes: Details Announced

The Government has now released the draft legislation around the removal of tax deductions on loan interest for rental properties. Previously, interest payments could be claimed as a business expenseRead more

10 Tips for keeping track of business expenses

It’s surprising how small stuff adds up: dashing into the dairy on the way to work because the lunchroom’s out of milk. Scrambling out of the taxi at the airport to catch an early flight for thatRead more

Is your cost of sales affecting your gross profit?

Do you know how much it costs you to produce each product or service in your range? The better you can understand this cost of sales – or cost of goods sold (COGS), as it’s more commonly knownRead more

Second Resurgence Support Payment & Wage Subsidy #3

We hope that you are enjoying some of this lovely spring sunshine, even if there are a few rain clouds lurking.   This is a quick update to let you know about the financial support currentlyRead more

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