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Five Ways To 'Do Good' By Your Staff

You could be selling the most innovative product on the market, using slick systems and the hottest marketing campaign in town, but if you don’t have good people - good luck! People areRead more

Cash Is Not Profit

The purpose of a business is to make money, and that means you have to know the difference between profit and cashflow. Net profit is what you have left after you deduct all your business expenses fRead more

Fringe Benefit Tax

Given the importance of keeping your PAYE and GST record-keeping and payments in order, it might be tempting to think that Fringe Benefit Tax, or FBT, is a relatively minor thing. But don’t beRead more

COVID-19 Business Support

Since late March, the Government has announced a number of measures to support small and medium-sized businesses get through the COVID-19 crises.Read more

Livestock Values 2020

Inland Revenue have recently announced this year’s livestock Herd Scheme Values and we think this is a great opportunity to update you on the latest movements. The Herd Scheme Values are the NationRead more

Welcome Tania!

We are super excited to welcome Tania Brockelsby to our team this week! Tania has worked for accounting firms in the Waikato and Dunedin and comes from a Dairy Farming family. She loves to travelRead more

Feel The Love: How Raving Fans Can Rock Your Business

You may have heard the term ‘raving fans’. It’s a passionate subset, usually about 10-15% of your customer base, who are so in love with your business that they shout it out from the rooftops.Read more

Pricing Your Services

High, low or somewhere in the middle? Where to pitch realistic charge-out rates is a common conundrum faced by small trade businesses. In fact it’s probably one of the most difficult tasks. YouRead more

Debtors & Cashflow

If your business isn’t strictly ‘cash over the counter’ you probably already understand the work - and the pain - of chasing money from overdue payments. Sadly, profit means nothing if the cashRead more

Ways To Pay Your Tax

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) has changed the way that you pay tax. This particularly affects those that usually pay their tax via cheque. If this was you, your new options are:  By cash orRead more

New Kilometre Rate for Claiming Motor Vehicle Expenses

Are you using your car for business purposes? It’s timely to outline the process for claiming tax on your work vehicle expenses. If you’re using a vehicle for business purposes, you can claim taxRead more

Changes to Fonterra’s Advance Rate Scheme

Fonterra runs an advance rate scheme to spread some of the risk from fluctuating global dairy prices across the year. Payments to farmers are based on the forecast milk price. In recognition thatRead more

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