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5 online tools to help you save money

With the cost of living on the rise, this is the perfect time to review your spending and see if you can make a few cuts. Here are five online tools that can help you manage and reduce your spending:


Local website MoneyHub has fantastic Kiwi-focused advice, helping you make great financial decisions. It will help you choose the most cost-effective credit cards, KiwiSaver funds, home loans and more. MoneyHub’s reviews of local options across almost every aspect of life are especially useful when you’re trying to weigh up your options.


The independent Sorted website is completely free, funded by Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission. It's a great source of tools and information to help you manage your money successfully – like the budgeting tool, the retirement planner and the KiwiSaver calculator.


It’s a very basic site, but Grocer.nz can show you how to save money on groceries. It compares items across stores, including four major supermarket chains, Super Value and the Warehouse. You might find that switching stores could save you a significant amount each week.


Gaspy is a free app that compares fuel prices across more than 2100 New Zealand stations. It has over 1 million ‘gas spies’ and it’s available on Android and Apple, so find it in your app store. The app also tracks fuel prices on its online stats page, which identifies the cheapest stations in the country. Its Kiwi inventors say Gaspy saves the average user $800 a year.


When you want to know what’s happening in the economy and how it will affect New Zealanders, Interest.co.nz has you covered. You can find brilliant calculators, the latest interest rates, and of course financial news and commentary.

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